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Bin Rockin Sinse 1974. Welcome! to Wild Cat' Rhythm & Bop. This page was created for all the true blue rockin 50's , cats & Kittens that are dedicated to the wild rockin raucous sounds of the 50's. Also it is especially for the rockin bands all over the world to advertise thier personal gigs & videos, and clubs/pubs to add thier gigs flyers. Also both can interact with each other. e.g. gig reviews, rockin pubs & clubs reviews. Created By! 50's WizeGuy, Maurice Darby, aka MozCat! Time Will Tell , if I Rock In Heaven or I Rock In Hell, wot ever Happens they will Hear Ye Rebel yell...!! Yeeeee,Aaaaaagh. ROCKABILLY RULES OK!!! FROM mOZcAT!


Patt was raised in a musical family. His  dad was Burton Cupp and was a drummer. His mother, Ruth, was a piano player. He also had two brothers, Skippy and Mickey, who both play piano. His sister Ruth (Bea, nick name), sings. He also did vocals and played guitar. He was taught by his dad, to play the tenor guitar (4 strings) which I also used to do tenor banjo Dixieland style. He played  music of the thirties when he was five years old and got his first six (6) string guitar when  he was eleven years old after playing a stage show in Dierks, Arkansas. Patt. made six dollars and my his dad gave him the rest so he could purchase a guitar which cost fifteen dollars. . 

Patt, signed a recording contract with RPM Records.& signed my Record Contract in May 1956. He appeared on stage shows with Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, George Jones, Johnny Horton, Johnny Carroll, Tommy Sands, Jim Ed and Maxine Brown and a host of others.

His band was called patt cupp & The Flying Saucers , and created Rockin tunes, "Long Gone Daddy", "Do Me No Wrong", "Baby Come Back", "I Guess It's Meant That Way" "I Won't Remember To Cry" and "That Gal Of Mine".

 Pat continued music as a hobby, after the Stint in the navy,  but also had to retire due to a profound hearing loss. Before retiring, Pat was an honored guest at Hemsby England in 1995.
he is still rockin on myspace

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