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Bin Rockin Sinse 1974. Welcome! to Wild Cat' Rhythm & Bop. This page was created for all the true blue rockin 50's , cats & Kittens that are dedicated to the wild rockin raucous sounds of the 50's. Also it is especially for the rockin bands all over the world to advertise thier personal gigs & videos, and clubs/pubs to add thier gigs flyers. Also both can interact with each other. e.g. gig reviews, rockin pubs & clubs reviews. Created By! 50's WizeGuy, Maurice Darby, aka MozCat! Time Will Tell , if I Rock In Heaven or I Rock In Hell, wot ever Happens they will Hear Ye Rebel yell...!! Yeeeee,Aaaaaagh. ROCKABILLY RULES OK!!! FROM mOZcAT!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Little T- Chief of Vocals

Butch Comet- Chief of Lead Guitar

Ace Dynamite- Chief of Doghouse Bass

Jimmy Dapper- Chief of Rumble Drums   


Ok you dirty rats......... John Dillanger & his gang  comes to mind when I see these guys.. Four  lowdown men from Oslo-Norway/ Den Ville Vesten (The Wild West coast of Norway)

  Tank, Ace, Butch and Jimmy , make up  " The Lucky Bullets" Formed around 2006 , the guyz add there own blend of rockin music , the mixed look & sound of early roots Rockabilly . they have a way of enjoying the music that they love with songs written & composed by them selves mostly. which is what is needed I think of a music genre that has bin going sinse 70 odd years. But Hey !! this is 2013 & rockin bands like "The Lucky Bullets" keep it fired up & fresh! & dont walk in Dead Mens shoes from which obviuosly they were so inspired by.. All the legends of Rockabilly music of course.                               BOOKING::::: 



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