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Bin Rockin Sinse 1974. Welcome! to Wild Cat' Rhythm & Bop. This page was created for all the true blue rockin 50's , cats & Kittens that are dedicated to the wild rockin raucous sounds of the 50's. Also it is especially for the rockin bands all over the world to advertise thier personal gigs & videos, and clubs/pubs to add thier gigs flyers. Also both can interact with each other. e.g. gig reviews, rockin pubs & clubs reviews. Created By! 50's WizeGuy, Maurice Darby, aka MozCat! Time Will Tell , if I Rock In Heaven or I Rock In Hell, wot ever Happens they will Hear Ye Rebel yell...!! Yeeeee,Aaaaaagh. ROCKABILLY RULES OK!!! FROM mOZcAT!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


                                                                Hi Cats & Kittens, Mad MozCat ere , as I always say, its great  when new rockin bands are formed  and especially when they are young , enthusiatic , smartley dressed and above all ,  mental wild , giving their all for the audience,,  & lastley just love playing & living the Rockabilly way.

I seen all this , at The Rockabilly Rave , quietly sipping my rum & coke, well it was mostly rum , anyways lol ,  on comes a band, "Ermmm" I thought , nicely dressed, look coolio , might take a listen, then BOOOM!! , "Ay up whats that" I thought, . Well it was "The Star Shooters" giving it some POW!
in ya face Rockabilly". Well they certainly got my attention  ......
                                                                                                        "Quit Change Rearrange"                                                 VIDEO .............................                                                   
The lead singer/ Rhythm guitarist ( Dennis Sennekamp), boppin around like a hot potato , belting out the tunes one after the other , & the rest of the band , ( Up Right Bass - Oliver Schenk ,-
Drums: Ralf Kuntzmann & lead Guitarist -( Robert Hanke) making a wild rockin sound.
"Blimey! " me thinks  "These dudes  Have got some energy & they are doing a few of their own songs,  aswell as great wild authentic covers"  .."Wild Man Wild"!! ," Thats what the rockin crowd want to see"  I yelled, and the rockin crowd wsan't the same time giving their encouragement to "The Star Shooters" MORE ! MORE!!.   Yeahhh man next time ya out & about wether in Germany , oh by the way , thats where these cats are from , and you could be any where in this world , all you need to do is look up , listen & make sure you 
DONT! MISS OUT ,  on a great night watching "The  Star Shooters" 
                                                                                                      VIDEO     " This Night"                

 The Star Shooters were formed in 2005. A 45 with original material and their first CD „Shake the house“ were released on El Toro Records and their brand-new EP „Up in flames“ with 4 original songs will be released soon! Pre-order yours now! Limited to 500 copies!

They Have rocked audiences in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Ubangi. This year they played at The Rockabilly Rave and they are looking forward to be back in England.


CONTACT:  Robert Hanke,
Mobile Phone: (0049) 01 60 - 98 67 25 78 Am Husholz 3 50968      

                                                                      FROM GEMANY

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  1. Howdy Starshooters . Fantastic band , habe chon n'scheibe (Cd) und Ep .... absolut tolle band . Sehe ob ich die neue scheibe finde , als Starshooters fan . Beste Boppin'GruBe und Rockabilly fun and band & STAY WILD ..... ricky