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Monday, 23 February 2015


The Ricardo's were formed in May 1992 by Dave Madgwick (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Graham (Benny) Benford (Double Bass & Vocals) and Mark James (Drums).
They landed one of their first gigs at an alldayer in Bromsgrove supporting Red, Hot & Blue and The Rough Diamonds and soon after other gigs started rolling in such as Hemsby and many more as the band grew a reputation for their powerful energetic performances and Dave and Benny's ability to write their own material.
It was soon after this that Howard from Raucous Records contacted the band and agreed to release a 45 to be recorded at Chris Cummings's (Riverside Trio) Riverside Studio in Blackpool, the single 'Whiplash' was
released on a various E.P along with the likes of The Crawdad's, the remainder of the recording session was licensed out to On The Hill records of Japan who also released an E.P.

Another E.P was released soon after followed by the bands debut LP a 10" titled 'The Riverside Sessions' to coincide with a tour of Scandinavia and a residency and tour of East Germany. The LP contained mainly the bands own material and sold out within a few months.
Soon afterwards the band released their second album titled 'Saturday Night On Earth' and were booked to play the first ever 'Rockabilly Rave'.
In 1999 the band started drifting apart and following different musical directions with Dave joining the Tennessee Rhythm Riders and Benny and Mark embarking on a few different projects.
After a chance meeting at Marks wedding in 2011, Dave, Benny and Mark were reunited again and were asked to reform by Jerry Chatabox for their 20th anniversary at the 'Rockabilly Rave' , other gigs in Spain followed,
'The Riverside Car Show' and 'The Screamin Festival' and a new E.P released on El Toro records and itunes.
The band have since played numerous weekenders and all dayers since and also another trip to East Germany to play at a Hot Rod show with The Rimshots.
Sadly in October 2014 Mark decided to leave the band due to personal reasons but Dave and Benny continued and were fortunate enough to add The Caezars drummer, Mikey Crowley to the ranks.
With plans and gigs for 2015 and beyond you may well catch The Ricardo's at a venue near you still going strong.

Highlights (selected) :
Supporting Chuck Berry at Cardiff Guildhall
Supporting Carl Perkins at The Town and Country Club with compere Stuart Coleman
Providing musical support & backing for Johnny Powers, Sonny Burgess (in Switzerland) and American female singer Josie Kruezer
Meeting Joe Strummer from The Clash and having a few beers and a chat :-)
And all the people, promoters, DJ's etc.. that have showed us much love and support over the years… A very big thank you !!!

contact Benny on 07850 254896 or or
Visit the bands Facebook page The Ricardos

From Portsmouth . UK

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