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Bin Rockin Sinse 1974. Welcome! to Wild Cat' Rhythm & Bop. This page was created for all the true blue rockin 50's , cats & Kittens that are dedicated to the wild rockin raucous sounds of the 50's. Also it is especially for the rockin bands all over the world to advertise thier personal gigs & videos, and clubs/pubs to add thier gigs flyers. Also both can interact with each other. e.g. gig reviews, rockin pubs & clubs reviews. Created By! 50's WizeGuy, Maurice Darby, aka MozCat! Time Will Tell , if I Rock In Heaven or I Rock In Hell, wot ever Happens they will Hear Ye Rebel yell...!! Yeeeee,Aaaaaagh. ROCKABILLY RULES OK!!! FROM mOZcAT!

Sunday, 30 June 2013


 David-Guitar & vocals


  Gordon-Guitar & vocals





Yeah! ya all, Let me introduce ya to the Hillbilly/Rockabilly quartet who are "The Doel Brothers" ...I Finally Got to see live!  this year at the infamous, " Rockabilly Rave 17"-..2013
               Three brothers (Tommy,Gordon & David) , and Gary, from the UK, based around South Hampshire ,   having all played at sometime with different bands ( western aces,radio ramblers,westernaires etc.) decided to get together & have some Pruuury good fun , drink a beer or two and play some mighty fine authentic, straight from the heart tunes!! Yep!
The room was packed as so it should be in the down stairs concert room.The dance floor filled to capacity, Cats & Kittens milling around two & throw trying to get their beeer glassses full & the JD. supping. at the bar....".Hey ya all"  were "The Doel Brothers"..they cried......Phewwwww just managed to load me beer glasses up" ahaaa. notitce I said beer glasses with an "S..", Cause I aint gonna miss these fellas" i thought. The cats & Kittens toes starting tippin & a tappin, straight from the off to the Doel Brothers frirst rockin number "I Need your Lovin".
                  Well were off. all the cats & Kittens with smiles on their faces A glee in their eye , frantically clicking  trying to inch on further to the stage to get a better shot for their cameras,cell phones & may be a few videos long as no one walks in the way , Damn!! lol..Oh well. lets just Bop & cheer..may be later." I thought..
                    These cats dont just do the uaual cover tunes ,  of course they do because this is what they love from the legends of  the day like ,Hank Williams ,  Johnny Horton ,Tom James , Tennessee Ernie Ford & more,    they also write their own " Tell Me You’re Mine" , "Educated Mind", "Sure You Won’t" .which are respectfully to my mind in the same authentic raw way a Honky Tonkin!! tunes........

   Well cats & Kittens Im gonna stop the rabbit & let ya get into the Video(Above) & go bop the oncore which is one of my faves "Cat Fish Boogie) by Tennessee Ford! Mental!!!!
 MozCats - "Wild Cat Rhythm & Bop" gonna finnish down the beers with a shot a Ye Olde Rum...buzzzin........................................Thanks to The Guyz "The Doel Brothers" for rockin my rave..& letting me put my review on..U derserve it lads!! .... ..See Ya again for pruurrrry sure!. Oh. slap diggy dawg , almost forgot CHECK OUT! "the Doel brothers NEW. cd ...." Oh Brother, its The Doel Brothers"...on El-torro records.


Contact:       Website or


                            based around South Hampshire ,UK

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