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Bin Rockin Sinse 1974. Welcome! to Wild Cat' Rhythm & Bop. This page was created for all the true blue rockin 50's , cats & Kittens that are dedicated to the wild rockin raucous sounds of the 50's. Also it is especially for the rockin bands all over the world to advertise thier personal gigs & videos, and clubs/pubs to add thier gigs flyers. Also both can interact with each other. e.g. gig reviews, rockin pubs & clubs reviews. Created By! 50's WizeGuy, Maurice Darby, aka MozCat! Time Will Tell , if I Rock In Heaven or I Rock In Hell, wot ever Happens they will Hear Ye Rebel yell...!! Yeeeee,Aaaaaagh. ROCKABILLY RULES OK!!! FROM mOZcAT!

Sunday, 6 October 2013


 Pike Cavalero - Vocals and Rythm Guitar

Al Dual - Lead Guitar

Javi Carrasco - Double Bass

Antonio Quesada - Drums

Rockabilly Rave 2012, Man!  I just had to go , Why? because a new rockin band I have been listening to sinse, Ermmm two or three  years , is finally coming to the UK.....MENTAL!!!
"Pike Cavalero & The Gentle Bandoleros" , "Crazy Train Boogie" is pulling in at Camber sands , Pontins. & its just up the track from where I live...Yeah!!!..Got my pass & raring to go..Settled in & a few good beers down my neck . well probably to many, but heah , its Rockin time!..just a quick sleep before they are on stage..nice...Right time to get to front of stage, "Hold on its very quiet! I thought "Hey Cat , Come with me " I shouted to my buddy, "Pike Cavalero & The Gentle Bandoleros are on". ..." They have just finished MozCat" he replied"..
"Oh No" I cried ..I only slept through,  Damn! " I'll have to have more drink to drown my sorrows..Ahhha.
            Thankfully Cats & Kittens I finally got to see them at Hemsby 50th. 2013. even said Hello! to Pike.. & yes I wasnt dissapointed. they were electric on stage..
             Pike Cavalero, from Spain , formed the band in 2009-2010  & the demo recording "Weekender"..on CD.(limited).... Released in December 2010 born the tunes  "
                   Along with  Al Dual - Lead Guitar , Javi Carrasco - Double Bass & Antonio Quesada - Drums, they soon created a stir & released another record /cd. with "Sleazy Records "Just a Matter of Manners" (Sleazy Records, 2011) , which was presented by deejay Diego RJ on his Spanish national radio channel 3 program "El Sótano" as featured album of the day..with wild tunes , Real Deal Woman, Crazy Train Boogie, Stacy Lee
                   Then Boom!! the Bandaleros Train was on track all through Europe & uk , playing at all the top weekenders , Rockabilly Rave, Hemsby, High Rockabilly , Ubangi name just a few.
At the same time producing the follow up E.P   "Second Round"...on Sleazy Records  featuring tracks "Wannabis" & "Lets Get This Chicken Fried".


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                                           BASED IN SPAIN


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